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Right Martial Art, Right Teacher

posted Aug 3, 2011, 6:54 AM by Wolf Martial Arts

“My wife and I have been studying martial arts for many years, focusing on practical self-defense with Kenpo and Krav Maga.  However, we felt our training was lacking in one area, and that was knife defense, so we did some searching and found Wolf Martial Arts.  After a few classes it became clear that we had found not only the right art (kali/escrima) to help us with knife defense, but more importantly the right instructor.  My wife and I have studied with many instructors in the past, but very few have been as proficient and patient as Randy.  He even convinced us that we should incorporate more of the Filipino martial arts into our training (such as stick and empty hand) instead of just focusing on knife defense, as he said that would help improve our overall self-defense and fighting skills, and that has certainly proven to be true.  So if you are looking for an instructor who has exceptional proficiency in the Filipino martial arts, and the ability to teach not only the history and the art, but also the effective combative aspects, then you owe it yourself to meet with Randy and see what he has to offer.”

-Peter H., Buffalo Grove, IL